Treasures from Yukon's Photographic Archives
MacBride Museum
MacBride Museum was founded as the Yukon Historical Society in 1950. Renamed after historian and raconteur William MacBride, the museum moved in 1967 into permanent quarters in the log structure on the Whitehorse riverbank. MacBride's artifact collections reflect Whitehorse's heritage as a transportation centre, as well as First Nations culture, Victorian memorabilia and housewares, tools and clothing, and a comprehensive group of Natural History and Geology specimens. MacBride's archives contains a collection of more than 8,000 images capturing Yukon's history from before the Gold Rush through Whitehorse's mid-century ascendancy as the centre of Government. The photos depict many identified Yukon pioneers and locations, as well as conveying details of daily life during the era of the mining boom. Diaries, maps, letters and ephemera are also represented in the archival collections.
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