Treasures from Yukon's Photographic Archives
Dawson City Museum
The Dawson City Museum is located in the Yukon's premier heritage building, the Old Territorial Administration Building, in Dawson City, the heart of the Klondike District. The museum is governed by the Dawson City Museum and Historical Society founded informally in the early 1950s and incorporated in 1959. It moved into the heritage building in 1961. Major renovations were carried out in 1986. The Museum cares for close to 30,000 artifacts. The archives consists of photographic and documentary records of Dawson City and the surrounding Gold Fields, from 1894 to mid-20th century - Mining Recorders' records of Placer Mining Grants; genealogical and family history; databases of stampeders and miners entering and leaving Yukon; large photograph collection from private and commercial photographers, records of local organizations.
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