Grey Outward Bound canoe made of wood and bark

Long grey canoe with black painted ends. Painted into a curly-cue on the facade. Front end marked with Outward Bound insignia.

This is one of ten canoes that participated in the 1967 Centennial celebration by canoeing across the interior of Canada. In 1967, ten canoes carrying one hundred participants raced 3,300 miles in 104 days.

The Centennial Voyageur Canoe Pageant was launched on the North Saskatchewan River at Rocky Mountain House in Alberta and ended in Montreal, Quebec. The competitors represented eight provinces and two territories including a canoe team from the Yukon. The team endured the paddle down numerous rivers, crossed windswept lakes and undertook gruelling portages. The race stopped in approximately 90 towns and cities along the way. By the time the groups reached Montreal, Quebec the teams had traversed 26 bodies of water and carried the weight of 180 kilograms on over 70 portages equalling the distance of about 100 kilometres.


Yukon Transportation Museum, Whitehorse

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