Flatbed Truck

Flatbed Truck

Black Ford flatbed truck with modified cab

Interior of cab wooden with wooden doors. Some sheet metal painted black on exterior of cab excluding doors.

Ford flatbed model 'AAC'. In 1928, Ford of Canada began building trucks with dual-wheel rear axles. These were dubbed model AAC, the 'C' stood for Canada. Meanwhile Ford Company in the United States did not build dual wheel trucks until 1930. Many Canadian-made Ford trucks were built stronger than their American counterparts and for this they received a superior reputation. Their ability to carry more tonnage and their quality assemblage made them well suited for use in the rugged Yukon Territory.

Mr. Bradley purchased this Ford model AA'C' flatbed truck from the Taylor and Drury Limited in Whitehorse. Yukon pioneers, Isaac Taylor and William Drury founded the Taylor and Drury Department Store in Whitehorse during the Klondike Gold Rush. In 1927, they obtained a General Motors dealership for Whitehorse and Mayo and their first shipment of cars arrived in 1928. The flatbed truck was purchased new for the use of hauling freight north on the old wagon trail to Kloo Lake. The journey is a modern two and a half hour drive from Whitehorse. Without a proper road, this trip took the better part of a day and caused a good deal of wear on the truck.

In a way, this dilapidated Ford truck represents the true innovative spirit of the Yukon. Considerable ingenuity and resourcefulness had to go into the repair of machinery, and for that matter, property in general. Since the car dealerships in Whitehorse or Mayo had to special order car parts from miles away, many Yukoners took repair matters into their own hands. Repairs and modifications were done by the owner with whatever materials were available. In this case Mr. Bradley modified the cab of the truck. It has been lined in wood and given a newer sheet metal exterior. The trucks cab has also been given wooden doors, which probably froze less in the cold winter months.


Yukon Transportation Museum, Whitehorse

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