Letter with Cover

Letter with Cover

Letter addressed to Bishop Stringer with hide cover

Cover for letter made from moose or caribou hide. Fringes hang from the cover on sides and along the bottom. Inscribed in an oval on the hide cover: ‘To His Lordship The Bishop of Yukon.’

Letter to Bishop Stringer from St. Paul's Vestry expressing the Vestry Committee's gratitude and welcome to Bishop Isaac Stringer regarding the move of the Diocesan See from Carcross to Dawson City. Letter is dated September 1907.

Inside the cover the letter from the Vestry states “To His Lordship the Bishop of Yukon.” A pick axe and gold pan replacing the letters 'T' and 'O' at the beginning of the greeting. The entire body of letter is written in upper case. “We, the undersigned, Church Wardens and Vestry of St. Paul's Church, on behalf of ourselves and the congregation desire to express our gratification at the decision of your Lordship, to make the City of Dawson the residence of the Bishop of the Diocese and welcome you to this your future home. The affairs of the Diocese being managed from this central point, will enable your Lordship to more easily superintend the affairs that come under your jurisdiction, and also will allow the Parishioners of St. Paul's the opportunity of hearing their Bishop hold more often the services of the church at Dawson. We are happy to state that the affairs of the Parish are prosperous, and that our people are a unit and that our congregation is somewhat increasing; although we feel there is much room for further work in that direction.

“We congratulate your Lordship of the fair measure of success that has followed your visitations in the east, for the purpose of raising funds for the work of the Diocese and hope for a large accession to the spiritual advancement of the Diocese. Your Lordship's long residence in the North enables you to understand the conditions of obtaining here and our needs and we are satisfied that you under Heaven's guidance will do much to advance the interests of the Church in this far distinct land. We all of us pray that you may be long spared to administer the affairs of the Diocese and that you may witness a great increase in the congregation of St. Paul's and a rapid advance in its spiritual life. We welcome your coming and your family coming, as bright omens for the Church and we are now glad to think of you as one of us and that you come here with the determination to extend the Church's influence to all quarters of this land.”


Old Log Church Museum, Whitehorse

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