Communion Set

Communion Set

Case with communion set

Communion set consists of silver Chalice, silver paten, and glass and silver cruet. Off-white pall are also apart of the set.

This private Holy Communion set consists of one very small chalice, paten and cruet in their case. The set was given to Miss Hasell of the Sunday School Vans, a missionary of Canada, during one of her winter tours in England. Miss Hasell and Miss Sayle would fundraise in England for their Anglican Sunday School Mission Caravan Project. She gave it to Reverend Stanger during his time at Christ Church in Whiterhorse.

Reverend Stanger donated the communion set to The Old Log Church Museum (Formerly Christ Church) “as a reminder of the work which Miss Hasell founded and maintained for so many years with the eager help of so many people in England, and to honour all who engaged in the work and the many families in remote areas who were served.” The Paten bears the inscription ‘A small token of great esteem. Presented to the Rev'd W.N. Ripley M.A., by a few communicants of Lowestoft Church April 1859.’

The three components to the set include: Chalice: the cup; Paten: The Eucharistic vessel, a small shallow plate or disc of precious metal upon which the element of bread is offered to God at the Offertory of the Mass; Cruet: A small vessel used for containing the wine and water required for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; Pall: a square of fine linen, usually stretched over a card, and sometimes ornamented with lace or embroidery, used to cover the Chalice.


Old Log Church Museum, Whitehorse

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