Baptismal Font

Baptismal Font

A baptismal font comprising chalice and dipper

The chalice made of hammered silver with a brass pedestal base, the “dipper” is a brown-edged white seashell with a cross-shaped silver handle with insignia in the centre. Includes a finely-made hardwood box with a metal handle and lock with key attached to the handle. The box has a brass inscription plate on the front under the latch, inscribed “Presented to Rev. M.W. Holdon by St. Peters Missionary Association Leicester 23.9.09.”

A portable baptismal set was integral to the missionary in the Yukon. The missions of the far north offered certain obstacles. The majority of First Nations lived off the land in traditional camps. The missionaries were sent to preach the Christian Faith to First Nation peoples in remote areas. A large part of the mission was to travel to isolated communities to speak to the people. Missionaries traveled to the permanent or semi permanent settlements in remote and spread out areas to preach and baptise the converted. The travelling baptismal set allowed missionaries to bring baptism to the people. The original owner was Rev. M.W. Haldom.


Old Log Church Museum, Whitehorse

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