Book Bag

Book Bag

Dark brown hide purse or book bag

Beaded in Mackenzie geometric pattern of a six-pointed star surrounded by a border of boxes and floral shapes. Made of moosehide with caribou hide trim, lighter coloured fringe on flap and bottom. Strap heavily beaded in loom-beading style of a zigzag design.

This bag is from the Mackenzie area. The front flap and shoulder strap are completely beaded in what is considered to be a very old fashioned geometric pattern. The beads themselves are quite small opaque and dull which alludes to the age of the bag. It probably dates to the early 1900's from a Northern region in the Yukon. Unfortunately we do not know the name of the maker but we know it was used by the clergy. This bag was used to carry books, most likely the bible.


Old Log Church Museum, Whitehorse

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