Decorative Box

Decorative Box

Two stacked boxes inlaid with wood and ivory

Smaller top box with green felt lining, hinged lid. Large box beneath has a drawer with burgundy velvet lining. The boxes are glued together. The boxes are inlaid with wood and ivory mainly in geometrical motifs. Top box has a central inlay design of a star in a circle over a sideways cross. The box contains two ivory napkin rings, one ivory letter opener, and a letter.

Richard A. Fox was a devoted member of the Yukon's Anglican Church. When he passed away he left this box and the items within it in the care of the Anglican Church until the second coming of Christ. His last will and testament states that the box, napkin rings, and a gavel should be given to the Lord on the day of his arrival. Since Fox's passing, the gavel has been given to Dawson City however the remaining item are being held at the Old Log Church in Whitehorse for safe keeping. Fox designed and assembled the box by hand including the time consuming inlay motifs. He also hand carved the other items out of ivory. It has been suggested that Richard A. Fox was suffering from cabin fever and the meticulously and tediously crafted items are proof of that fact.


Old Log Church Museum, Whitehorse

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