Soft, white-tanned caribou skin moccasins

Floral beaded design on the top of each upper. Uppers are framed in pink and blue bead work with pink beads circling each ankle. Fastened to the foot by an ankle tie made of hide lace that encircles the high back of the moccasin. The beaded flower design on the upper consists of a yellow stem, green leaves and four purple flowers with pink centers.

This footwear is known as "coming home" moccasins. They are usually made by a relative such as an aunt or grandmother for a small child or infant. These moccasins are for a baby and are quite small. The beading pattern appears to be from the Dawson area and it is considered to be 'old' in style. Since the pleating is not perfect, they may have been made by an inexperienced younger woman. The caribou hide is tanned to a pristine white colouration, while the thin caribou hide provides a softer textile than moose hide against the baby's skin. These moccasins are attributed to the Han, the people in the area surrounding Dawson and extending into Alaska.


Old Log Church Museum, Whitehorse

Accession Number

1984.45.a, b

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