Candle Mold

Candle Mold

Metal candle mold with handle at side

Designed for the manufacture of twelve candles. Top plateau has 12 circular openings which extend downward in 12 tapered cylinders that end at a flat base.

Tapered candles are formed with the help of this mold by inserting a wick into the metal tube, securing the wick then pouring the wax into the cylinders. Typically, candle molds contain multiple candle forms in order to make more then one candle at a time. This was much more productive and space conscious then making candles by the dip method in which wicks were dipped in a bath of wax until enough layers had thickened the candle. Mold candles could be made then left to dry as miners and the hard working pioneers of the Yukon set there sights on other labours. Once made, the candles were placed in storage containers, made of metal, leather, or wood.


MacBride Museum of Yukon History, Whitehorse

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