A pair of white caribou hide gloves with high cuffs

Decorated with embroidered pink, red and purple floral design and fringed cuffs. The interior of the gloves are lined with blue velvet.

Gauntlet style gloves with an extended cuff for the wrist. Many clothes and accessories from the gold rush era are a mix of European and First Nations design. The gloves are European in cut and embroidery, but contain First Nations elements such as the use of Yukon tanned hide and the design element of fringes. When Caucasians first arrived in the Yukon, they had to be resourceful in acquiring things such as accessories and clothes. Most could have items shipped inland but that required a fair amount of time. Leathers and skins could be obtained off the land and settlers looked to First Nations for acquiring such goods. The gloves belonged to Martha Louise Black.


MacBride Museum of Yukon History, Whitehorse

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