Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging

Beaded felt wall hanging

Donjek berry beads, coloured orange, blue, red and white glass beads and squirrel feet tassels. Tan coloured felt with red blacking. Leather hanger strap.

The purpose of this wall hanging is non-functional. Although most wall hangings have pockets adding practicality to artistic endeavor, this example is unusual in that it seems to be purely ornamental. Wall hangings of this type would have perhaps been made only after Yukon First Nations became stationary and were living in wood frame housing. None the less, this is a fine example of Southern Tutchone decorative work. The beadwork is done in a traditional Athapaskan style. The tassels are squirrel feet which are a rarely used decorative material. The location of use of the hanging is unknown. It was perhaps to decorate the wall in a home, a souvenir, or perhaps to adorn and decorate the setting of a potlatch.


Kluane Museum of History, Burwash Landing

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