Model T Truck


Model T Truck

The truck has three wheels, which has metal rims with wooden spokes. There are rubber tires on two of the three rims. Metal rims are 24.5" in diameter. Each rim has 12 wooden spokes. The vehicle is a 'convertable' with one driver's side door and a passager's side door. No windsheild. The motor has etched on the side, "Ford - Made in Canada". The radiator at the front of the motor is 18" x 24". Metal cap at top of rad is 2" in diameter. Two headlight holders, one on each side of rad, mid-way down. Rad rests on leaf springs, which rest on front frame. Metal wheel wells at front and rear, attached with metal running boards that run from front to rear, 12" from bottom to door. Transmission attached to motor, with 3 gear pedals at driver's feet. Pedals bent. Gas tank under what was seat in truck cab. Tank 27.5" x 10" diameter. No gas cap, 2 3/4" hole for it. Seat has parts of perimeter of its wooden frame left. Gear shift and steering column on right, no steering wheel. Truck's bed metal and wood 34" x 45" perimeter, 8" deep. The two sides of the bed and back of box made with 1 x 8's. Front of the box 1 x 6's. At 45 degree angle sloping outward from top of sides of box, 1 x 6 runs the length of the box. Held in place with angle iron. Rear truck box 1 x 8 with hinges to hold the 1 x 8 (tail gate) shut. Hinged at bottom.

A Model T Ford, originally a car, but was converted into a truck years ago. The back seat was cut off, and a metal and wood box was built behind the driver's seat. The Model T was originally a part of the vehicle fleet of Wernecke Camp from the Keno Hill Area. The truck was used in the area by the local and colourful characters of the Yukon mining industry, such as "Hardrock" MacDonald, Gordon McIntyre, and Jack Hawthorne. Eventually, the Model T was cast aside as newer vehicles were put to use. It was eventually hauled out of the bush near the defunct Wernecke Camp by United Keno Hill Mines in the 1980s.


Keno City Mining Museum, Keno City

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