Gas Mask

Gas Mask

'M-S-A Chemox Oxygen Breathing Apparatus'

Consists of a black rubber gas mask with two rubber hoses attached (one inhalation, one exhalation), a breathing bag and canister holder with a timer that goes to 60 minutes (although according to literature the canisters are good for only 45 minutes each). Three 'Permissible Three Quarter Hour Chemox Oxygen Generating' canisters, grey metal with yellow and red label containing instructions for use. Made in U.S.A. by Mine Safety Appliances Co., Pittsburg. The apparatus weighs approximately 35 pounds.

Mine Safety Appliances 'Chemox' Oxygen Breathing Apparatus has a breathing bag, a face mask, inhalation and exhalation tubes and three oxygen canisters that could each provide 45 minutes of oxygen. They were used by the United Keno Hill Mines Limited Rescue Mines Team. These devices would be used in event of a fire or other scenarios involving the lack of oxygen. Safety was always a high priority around the mines. Early mines did not have imposed safety regulations as they do now. It was up to the individual to take precautions and to work in a safe manner so that the miner would not get himself or his co-workers killed. In 19?? a fire broke out at the No Cash Mine near Elsa, Yukon. After the tragic disaster, a safety team was devised and trained to meet the Canadian Standard. In fact, the Mine Rescue Team from the United Keno Hill Mines Limited went on to hold titles from numerous competitions in both the territory and nationally. The United Keno Hills Mines Rescue Team was seen as one of the leading rescue team in Canada until the mine shut down in 1989.


Keno City Mining Museum, Keno City

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