The 'Rosebud' tool trolley is a metal tool trolley and workbench, painted industrial yellow

There are fourteen drawers at the front of the cart, one drawer missing second from bottom far left. The metal of the cart and drawers are decorated with the nameplates taken from other pieces of machinery, trophies, signs, chains, licence plates, clocks and mirrors. The name plates are screwed into place all over the trolley drawers and over other metal surfaces aside from the top work station. On either side of the work area are two poles that hold a siren, lights, horns, a phone, extention cords, among other accoutrement. It has a working fountain for water. A vast assortment of labels, plates, stickers, buttons, chains, knobs, levers, cords, lights, gauges, switches, hooks, plugs, instruments, horns, bells, whistles, and signs adorn 'Rosebud'. Top left drawer contains a small metal toolbox and a pennant-shaped cloth with 17 buttons attached to it.

Brian Vernon was an electrician for the United Keno Hill Mine in Calumet, Yukon during the late 1970s and the early 1980s. He was a self professed recluse choosing pet projects and electrical work to socializing or drinking at the bar. With his free time Vernon created 'Rosebud', a work station for his electrical work at the mine. Vernon was given the used trolley from the cafeteria at the United Keno Hill Mine where he worked. Food Services were going to throw out the trolley when Vernon thought of a better use for the cart. Painstakingly over the years, Vernon transformed the food station into an extraordinary electrical bench by adding innovation, frivolity and other additional whimsy. Horns, sirens, trophies, sign plates were mounted alongside of a working telephone, water fountain, lights, drawers and tools. Vernon used this trolley, dubbed as 'Rosebud', as his work station to fix the underground mine electrical equipment. Aside from the obvious Citizen Kane reference, the trolley truly was a labour of love for Brian Vernon. It sits in the Keno City Mining Museum as an example of originality and ingenuity of those that were drawn to work for the mines along the Silver Trail.


Keno City Mining Museum, Keno City

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