Dog Blanket

Dog Blanket

Brown velour material with alternating blue and pink wool fringe along all four edges

White, pink, red, blue, purple, green, dark green, dark brown and light brown beaded floral pattern decorate the top and bottom of the blanket. Three pom-poms, two red and one white, are sewn in the middle of the blanket.

When large potlatches were celebrated, people were invited from far away. Packs were 'dressed up' in honour of the event. This decorative pack was Nahanni made which may account for the distinct beadwork rarely seen in Tlingit decoration.

The dog blanket is as useful as it is remarkable. The added warmth of the blanket helped protect the dog from the Yukon cold. This dog blanket shows functionality as well as fine craftsmanship. The intricate bead work would have been very time consuming while the fringe and pompoms add a fun flair. Similarly, the Inland Tlingit also used pack sacks on dogs for travel. These were less decorated but highly useful. The dogs were packed with square bags for extra sack space on trading trips with peoples such as the Coastal Tlingit, the Southern Tutchone or their Tagish neighbours.


George Johnston Museum, Teslin

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