Carriage Heater

Carriage Heater

Lehman's Heater

A metal tube flattened in an oval shape with air holes on either ends. One metal side has a handle while the other metal ending contains a small drawer. The top side of the tube is covered in blue and green carpeting.

The Lehman Brothers Company of New York produced this model of heater around the time of the Yukon Gold Rush. This heater was used as a foot warmer for passengers on the Dawson City stage run from Whitehorse. The winter trip from Whitehorse to Dawson was particularly unpleasant. Passengers would have to endure the bitter cold on an open sleigh. The stage run also doubled as the mail run, and at times a paying passenger would be asked to run along side if more room was needed for mail.

The cold weather was difficult on the horses and the coach would have to stop every six hours in order to provide the horses with food and a well deserved break. This heater, found in White River area, would have warmed the feet of a passenger during the long and bitterly cold trip. Coals placed in the drawer would heat the middle compartment of the heater. Passengers tried to keep warm and toasty by tucking in a couple blankets over their legs and around the heater at their feet.


George Johnston Museum, Teslin

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