Steam Locomotive

Steam Locomotive

Klondike Mines Railway Locomotive No. 3

Built in 1899 by Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Baldwin Vulcain Compound engine (2-8-0) C/n 16456, 2-8-0, 36 inch drivers, 24 inch leading wheels, 19 and 11x21 inch cylinders, weighed 80 tons. There are nameplates on both the right and left sides reading: "BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS / PHILADEPHIA / BURNAM WILLIAMS & Co. / 16456 / JANUARY 1899"

In fall of 1906, Klondike Mining Railway locomotive No.3 was delivered to Klondike City. It was manufactured by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1899 for the White Pass and Yukon Route. The Baldwin Vauclain compound engine, was one of two identical models bought new for the White Pass and Yukon Route. This particular locomotive C/n 16456, was numbered WP&YR No.7 and was then renumbered No. 57 in 1900. In 1906 KMR bought this Vauclain compound locomotive and it became KMR No.3. It was bought secondhand from White Pass and valued at $12,000.

It was the newest and the biggest locomotive on the KMR roster. Although it was the most powerful, its size was an issue. In fact it was an entire two feet wider then KMR No.1 and No.2. That summer KMR were forced to widen the cut rock along the rail trail. By far KMR No.3 was the biggest locomotive in the operation for the K.M.R. Most of the massive appearance could be attributed to its huge frame and cylinders.

The Vauclain compound locomotive, first built by Baldwin Locomotive is a 4-Cylinder double-expansion system which gave Vauclain locomotives "improved thermal efficiency, through reduced fuel and water consumption and better dynamic characteristics which resulted in a smoother impact upon the track, and correspondingly, less track pounding and wear." The Vauclain compound asserted a more uniform application of power throughout its stoke. It is the only remaining Vauclain compound outfitted with the original system in Canada.

The KMR closed in 1913, all of its equipment remained static until KMR was absorbed by the Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation in 1925. YCGC donated the locomotive to the Dawson City Museum in 1961. It is located in the locomotive shelter on the Dawson City Museum grounds.


Dawson City Museum, Dawson City

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