Gold Pan


Dipper made from a tin can with a handle fastened to it

It is cylindrical, with an interlocked side seam, and two handle lugs at the sides and a painted label. A hole has been punctured from the inside out just below the top edge. A handle made of a hand-hewn tree limb is fitted through the hole and nailed to the opposite side.

A tool used by gold miners in conjunction with a rocker box. It allowed the user to dip water from a water saver and pour it onto the gold bearing gravels in the rocker box. This dipper is known as a secondary use tool because it was made out of existing item. In this case that item is the lard can. Like many things in the Yukon, this dipper was fashioned out an old tin. Due to lack of supplies prospectors had to be inventive in fashioning devices they required.


Dawson City Museum, Dawson City

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