Candle Lantern

Candle Lantern

“Bug” or miner's candle lantern

Candle mount in the center of the base of the can, on the interior. Mount or holder is a cylindrical piece of tin with a splayed bottom. These splayed portions are bent outward at 90 degrees and are fastened to the base with six nails. The nails are driven through the base and attached to the remnants of a piece of wood. The front has been crudely cut open with two horizontal cuts and one vertical cut. The side of the tin has been pulled back from the vertical cut creating two flaps to further shield the candle and let light out. The top of the tin has a handle and an opening with a screw-on cap. There is a wire loop attached to the handle. There is a 4cm solder opposite the cap, and puncture holes on the top and sides of the tin.

This can has been modified into a miner's light or a windproof candle holder. These types of candle holders were known as 'bugs' and were made with whatever objects were available. The humbled existence of the miners during the gold rush left behind makeshift sieves, water buckets, and candle holders, most fashioned from tin cans. This is known as 'secondary use.'


Dawson City Museum, Dawson City

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